American Women make up to SheBelieves 2021 title


United State /

The Shebelieves Cup In its 2021 edition, which is being played in Orlando, Is shaping up to be the first twice champion in its short history dating back to 2016. For this year, The United States, Brazil, Canada, and Argentina They are skeptical of the women’s championship, which saw its second day victory over North American running Brazil 2-0, Canada 1-0 against Argentina.

This set of results places the hosts as favorites for the title of the friendly competition Who have won in 2016, 2018 and 2020. By Wednesday, February 24, a group Flatko Andonovsky Measured against the Albiceleste in a match that has the expectations in favor Stars and stripes.

Thus, after winning the first two dates, United State It can have up to 9 units and leaves Canada s Brazil Fighting for the runner-up. In order for the latter to aspire to win the competition for the first time, he must hope for it Argentina Defeating those who lead them Megan Rapion And they don’t even allow them to make any annotations to close their post with six units and a difference of +3.

Thus only, Those from Maple Leaf can aspire to defeat Verdemarella 4-0 Or the same cariocas do the thing with 3-0.

This tournament is part of the international blanket maintained by the present-day Kings of the world. Initially, United States, England, France s Germany It was invented, for 2019 they were invited to Brazil s Japan instead of France s Germany. In the following year there was another change, the English came back to continue the Japanese and America and Spain were added.

The Coronavirus pandemic This version reduced, as the Japanese team could not travel and Albiceleste Was invited.

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