Americano, the neoconservative Hispanic radio broadcast

Americano, the neoconservative Hispanic radio broadcast

With prayer as an introduction and by SiriusXM’s satellite radio channel 153 this Tuesday, Americano is out to conquer the Latin radio audience with twenty conservative shows.

The goal of this feat, founded and chaired by Peruvian Ivan García Hidalgo, is “to be the premier Spanish-language news outlet in the United States and in all the countries in which it operates.”

“It’s a Spanish media whose mission is to inform more than 500 million Spanish speakers” globally, adds the US media ad.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the programs will open with a prayer at “Dawn with God” with Cuban Catholic priest Roilan Recio Mirabent, and will continue with a news magazine for Colombian Yuli Coelho and Venezuelan Gabriela Piroso.

The Americano is shown live as numerous polls and analyzes indicate that a smaller but growing proportion of voters who identify as “Latino” or “Hispanic” support the nominations and policies of conservative sectors of the Republican Party.

Democrats are “scared, and they should be,” Garcia Hidalgo said in an NBC interview.

He added: “Democrats have taken the Hispanic vote for granted for far too long and no one has thought about creating space for us in the conservative media.” “There is an appetite for this. You see it on social networks. You see it in the elections.”

In the initial film for Americano is Venezuelan Lord Obita, who will be responsible for “This Is the World” in analyzing headlines from the United States to Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The company announced that Colombian Fernando Londono will approach political issues “from a conservative perspective with in-depth analysis and interviews with the heroes of the news.”

“Every day, Hispanics are bombarded with left-wing propaganda from US-based news organizations in the Spanish language,” he added. To counter that, the Bolivian-American Americano would have Freddy Silva with a “between the lines” space.

Mexican Lucia Navarro on “Between Us” will feature conversation and analysis from a conservative perspective by four “very competent and intelligent” Hispanic women.

Dania Alexandrino, described by Americano as one of Central Florida’s most controversial and popular news analysts, will partner with Willy Laura on the weekly program “El antidoto Rojo-Extra,” in which “serious problems are analyzed in a more relaxed manner, with the hosts taking on a lighter and more tone. Joy.”

The Americano billboard is complemented by programs dedicated to sports and political debates, one about technology by Chilean Pablo Quiroga, and another by Uruguayan director Yana Pérez entitled “Israel Today”.

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