AMLO announces legal mechanism to avoid privatization of CFE

AMLO announces legal mechanism to avoid privatization of CFE

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed that before the six-year period ends there will be a legal mechanism to prevent the privatization of the CFE.

“Before we finish I’ll try to find legal mechanism More convenient so that nothing is privatized from the Federal Electricity Authority,” the president said.

Lopez Obrador noted that in previous governments, private companies had privileges that marginalized the company, so the bailout promoted in the current administration of the Commission seeks equal competition.

“All they did was abuse. Now we are correcting these excesses and we want to compete, but on equal terms. The Federal Electricity Commission will not be sacrificed, and we will leave this company together well together,” Lopez Obrador said.

At a meeting with electricians in Nayarit, Lopez Obrador reiterated that the country’s only electricity supplier is the state production company.

The president said the nation now owns 61 percent of the shares of Altan Communications, which has 70 percent coverage in fiber optic implants, so the rest will be in charge of the CFE to bring the internet to remote cities in the United States. country.

The president said that unlike the other six-year terms, there will be no layoffs anymore because the CFE has earned its place.

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