The Mafia of Good La Doctora and Larreta promotes 2023

The Mafia of Good La Doctora and Larreta promotes 2023

Oberdan Rucamura, Star Editor, writes
special for

1.- Trial of the dead
To consolidate the leadership of Peronism, protect its dominance in politics, and publicly distance itself from the amendment it supports, La Doctora is satisfied with the irresponsible courage of “La Mafia del Bien” (Editorial Sudamericana, 2018).
The convergence of politics (which denounces) with the media system (which multiplies). Completion of those registered with the jurist (who are accused and judges).
A strange benevolent mafia that ignores the cultural performance of the society it modifies. In the name of good always.
By cultural pituquería, the classical phenomenon is called the law of law.
A brilliant circuit that excludes an underestimated reality.
The last judicial episode – the case – illustrates this perfectly.
For the utopia of believing they can wear the occasional head of Peronism for moral and genetic crimes.
By a 2008 complaint, which made sense because Nestor Kirchner, the Furia, was still alive. Daily group stats.
Six years later, when it came to the trial of the dead, above the statements made by the subsequent government minister. Politician attached, fighting for the position of governor. She belongs to the band Patricia the Witch.
Here he begins to discredit the prosecutor who denigrates Kirchner’s followers as a convert. Diego Luciani, Straserita. To belittle the importance of ever being compared to the attorney general.
Sealed as the attorney general’s favorite Alejandra Giles Carpo, Strasserita donned the shorts with another judge involved and a defiant matador. For the purpose of participating in exciting tournaments organized in the Quinta del Ángel Exterminador.
The conglomerate was completed by early installation instructions from the Uganda Canals.
The avant-garde national communication experts interviewed bedridden guests.
They were passionate about each other. convinced that they were on the right track. Not enough even to indict the illegal association of Peronism that is doing great harm to the country.
The structural corruption of the dead man’s trial was forced to continue.

2.- Peronism got tired of turning the other cheek
But Peronism will not be presented to Ladura.
The Peronists who hate him will not deliver him wrapped. To those who have been mistreated or simply not appreciated.
How then will the thousands of Peronists who appreciate it deliver it?
Pretending to keep her imprisoned for 12 years for being an immediate hereditary widow, and excluding her forever from public office (because she had an obligation to find out) was a provocation designed only to centralize her.
To unify the schematic division of the interpretation of history as the struggle of the twins.
Peronism and Anti-Pyronism. The conflict arose in the 1940s, maintaining its unshakable strength.
During nearly eight decades of history, anti-Biruni tragically overthrew the Biruni twin in two coups.
The truth of 1955, La Libertadora, and the military operation began in 1976. When Ms. Isabel Martinez was accused of a miserable check from Cruzada de Solidaridad Justicialista.

With democracy restored to defeat, the twins since 1983 defeated Peronism three times through another popular party, the Radical Civic Union.
With Raúl Alfonsín, El Providencial, in 1983. In 1999 in a center-left alliance with Fernando de la Rua, El Radical Delivered. And in 2015 in a center-right alliance with El ngel Exterminador.
Since 2019 there has been a faltering Peronist government. Peronism is as rare and exotic as La Mafia del Bien itself.
Where the deputy is more valuable than the president. Where the Minister of Economy is trying to save the country from the sinking of the ship. The Prime Minister is responsible for the day-to-day exercise of power.
To save the judging breach of Bertola who wasted 30 months and was torn between pieces of paper, he turned it into media entertainment.
Peronism is tired of offering the other cheek at every stroke.
Peronist depression content. As if he is asking forgiveness for his existence.
Peronist does not deserve her past.
The one that La Mafia del Bien wore with a trial for The Dead and two WhatsApp.
Then it was enough to transform reality (and put an end to the corruption of Peronism) with the idealistic liberals of the TV cookbooks that from Ugandan channels gave a lecture on moral superiority.
An early recitation of the interviewees who lobbied the expanding tables of Ugandans to establish themselves, indirectly, as true promoters of the ‘Doctora 2023’ epic.

3.- Displacement. Now Larita
was suspected. If Mauricio is the candidate for Together, The Doctor will be the candidate for all.
Big competition between two token shows from the past.
The molten government took Mauricio as a competitor.
But suddenly, from the selective suppression of the besieged city police, Horacio Rodríguez Laretta, Buenos Aires Mairie, Genuel, a true opponent with real iron, is forcibly installed.
Larita’s number grew while at the same time surpassing that the practical return of the angel was a legend.
In fact, the Angel of Annihilation doesn’t seem too convinced to play the second half.
It’s less politically rigorous than it was in 2015. It doesn’t even contain the theoretical extravagance of thinker Jaime Duran Barbás, El Equeco.
Not even with Marcos Peña’s personal build, El Pibe de Oro, perfect to hold him accountable for any wrongdoing.
To the absence of ideas, the absence of money is added.
It is known that no politician puts “on his own”. It is laid down, in general, by management.
And when there is no management, benefactors who knew how to burn themselves with spilled milk should be trusted.
It also goes beyond the sad lack of payment. 2019 campaign debt that no one wants to take care of.
They even hint at ticket bills. A slight, unpresentable embarrassment that does not begin to settle.
Macri’s other nomination is hardly ignored.
It’s Jorge, El Primo (who was) poor. He signed up to succeed Geniol at La Mairie.
In devotees, Boga Macri’s support is superior to that of Martin Lusto, Wilde’s character, which he credits to the traditional radical leader Emiliano Jacobetti.
To the astonishment of Patricia, La Montonera del Pian, Facundo, Sesora de Rolando, and the destitute Angel, Larita is the only one who exploits the mistake of killing the Peronist head by prosecuting the dead.
La Mafia del Bien made it easier to bring Larreta down at the end. It’s the mighty hawk of Ma’an that dares to shower the crowds with its water faucet trucks.

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