Nadia Swarovski, doing work that respects people and the planet

Nadia Swarovski, doing work that respects people and the planet

Nadja Swarovski left her legacy in the family business by creating the Atelier Swarovski line, which features sustainably designed fashion, jewelry, accessories and home décor. She was the first female Executive Board member and led the company’s global brand and communications strategy, generating more than €3.5 billion in 2017.

She served as President of the Swarovski Foundation, which is why she is still considered the main face of the brand in terms of sustainability initiatives.

Nadia oversaw CSR initiatives until her resignation in December 2021.

Listed in the BoF 500 Professional Index, by Business of Fashion; In 2019, he received the Social Impact Award in Sustainability, from the Fashion Technological Institute, and in 2020 he received the Business Leader of the Year award, from Positive Luxury.

He led the Swarovski Waterschool Programme, which focused on promoting education about the safe and sustainable use of water on six continents around the world. He also collaborated with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Theatre, Film and Television to create the feature film Waterschool, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and distributed worldwide by Netflix.

“What started with creativity and design has culminated in human empowerment and sustainability, and using the Swarovski platform to support the environment and society has been the greatest privilege of my career,” Nadja Swarovski.

Environmental projects of the Swarovski Foundation

Some of the initiatives in which Nadia Swarovski has co-led the company’s charitable foundation include:

  • Programs to protect water and biodiversity through education and mitigation of climate change.
  • Support to protect Europe’s last flowing rivers and restore forests in Brazil.
  • The Jane Goodall Institute has teamed up with the Roots and Shoots Project in Uganda, to foster sympathetic conservation leaders.
  • Water and biodiversity protection in support of the Marina Azul Foundation.
  • Alliance with Waterkeeper to protect the world’s fresh water reserves.
  • Training illiterate and semi-literate women in cooperation with Barefoot College to train them as engineers for solar energy and electricity for their rural communities.
  • Protecting mangroves in Costa Rica.
  • Contribute to river clean-up projects and scholarships for ocean leaders.
  • Support an educational program in the Italian Aeolian Islands, taught by local fishermen and marine biologists.

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