Durazo will coordinate the lithium project for Mexico; The company will settle in Sonora

Durazo will coordinate the lithium project for Mexico;  The company will settle in Sonora

governor Sonora, Alfonso Durazzoreported that President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador appointed him as the coordinator for the continuity grant for the “Lithium for Mexico” (LitioMx) project.

Durazzo said after a meeting with the president at the National Palace that the company will be based in Sonora.

“The state government will own a stake in Lithium Mexico, which will be installed in Sonora, which will represent a great opportunity for economic development and benefit from Sonorans,” he posted on his social networks.

On August 23, in the Official Gazette of the Federation Decree under which “Lithium for Mexico” was createdThe company that President Lopez Obrador ordered to establish to explore and exploit this mineral.

“The Decentralized Public Authority for the Federal Public Administration named Lithium for Mexico, grouping the acronym “LitioMx” in the sector under the coordination of the Ministry of Energy, with its legal personality and origins, with technical, operational and administrative autonomy, has been created.”

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LitioMx shall develop and implement engineering projects, research and geological activities and all those related to the exploration, exploitation, utilization and utilization of lithium.

Another of his responsibilities is to develop technology to use this mineral.

Lithium for Mexico: How will it work?

Litio Mexico will begin its duties no later than 180 calendar days after the entry into force of the decree.

Among the activities of the Director are the management, operation and implementation of programs, in accordance with the objectives, policies, guidelines and strategies approved by the Board of Directors.

There will also be a board of directors, which will be chaired by the head of the Energy Secretariat, Rossio Nahli. The council also has the heads of the treasury, economy, Smarnat, and the interior.

Months before the reform was approved, mining experts warned that setting up a lithium management company, Without being sure of the amount of this mineral in the countryIt generated uncertainty and anxiety.

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Specialists called for caution, because although the US Geological Survey estimates that Mexico may have as much as 1.7 million tons of lithium, in a country where this mineral is mainly found in clay, conditions that make its exploitation more complex than other countries other. Where it is found in pegmatite rocks or in brines, “a liquid with dissolved salts.”

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