After the figures revealed by Inge, President Lopez Obrador confirmed that the Mexican economy continues to grow “even if little by little.”

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President Mexico, mentioned that The Mexican economy continues to grow Even if it was from little bit.

This Friday, Inegi announced 0.4 percent growth from eMexican Konomi In the first quarter of 2021, though decreased 2.9 percent in your annual comparison.

Engi reveals that there is still a little more, but we are growing up,” he stated at the National Palace.

Lopez Obrador He stressed that the growth of 0.4 percent in the first quarter of the year was caused by the pandemic situation COVID-19, but even under this situation, the macroeconomic balances were maintained.

If we’ve grown a little bit this quarter, it’s because the pandemic affected us in the months of January, February and March, which is relevant to that analogy. However, the economy has not let us down. The most important thing, he said, is to maintain macroeconomic balances.

“The peso hasn’t gone down, there are stocks in terms of inflation and jobs going on; we’ve actually gone about four months this year without losing jobs, even with the pandemic, we got jobs back in January, February, March and so far in April,” he said.

Despite that, the figure he revealed Engy, the Mexican president confirmed that Climate forecast to grow between 5 and 6 percent in 2021By the middle of the year, they said, Mexico You will find yourself in the previous position of pandemic.

“The growth forecast for this year is 5 to 6 percent, and that’s what the financial groups are forecasting and it’s also our forecast, it’s the projection we’re doing, so by the middle of this year we’re going to be in the economic situation we were in before the pandemic.”

The head of the federal executive authority stated that in Mexico “There is stability, there is confidence, and there are unbeatable conditions for investment and job creation,”

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