AMLO proposes a new bracero program for the United States


Legalizing the influx of immigrants so Mexicans and Central Americans can work United State, Similar to the Bracero program of the era World War II, Is the president’s suggestion Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador To its American counterpart, Joe Biden.

On the second day of the business tour, he confirmed that on Monday he will have a videoconference with Joe Biden Among the topics to be raised in Mexico will be rural and migration.

They will need to grow and produce Mexican workers s Central AmericaHe said, (Okay) we better arrange the flow of migrants, and legalize it to give workers a guarantee that they won’t risk their lives, and that human rights are protected.

According to the president, the US economy needs between 600,000 and 800,000 Workers In a year, which is not available despite automation, it is better to come up with a good deal.

Record that there is a work history during World War II, During which time an agreement was signed for workers to grow crops in I am, Commonly known as the program Brasero, Which is that while the Americans went to war, the Mexicans helped prevent a decline in production.

Now it’s similar, the president added, that if you don’t have Mexican workers, how do you ensure production increases in I amThat is why you will propose an agreement.

The main thing is that we develop ourselves, so that Mexicans can work and be happy in the place they were born, where their relatives are, their customs, their culture, but if someone wants to go find their lives elsewhere, they can do it because it is legal, through an agreement with a government. United State. It is one of the things that we want to bring up in this meeting on Monday, I repeat, accompanied by the Governor of Zacatecas, Alejandro Tello.

Written by Francisco Nieto / Presenter


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