AMLO proposes reducing the number of monitors in the government

AMLO proposes reducing the number of monitors in the government

president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Send an initiative to Parliament where It is proposed to reduce the various oversight bodies By sector, subject, specialization or function of the Ministry of Public Administration (SFP) through various amendments to the Basic Law of Federal Public Administration.

These entities are responsible for Ensure expenditure review, public administration evaluation and prevention of acts of corruption.

The president justified his initiative on the pretext generate savings The minimum structure covers the indispensable monitoring, control and evaluation needs of public administration.

According to the initiative, the goal is to “prevent misconduct during the exercise of spending, by establishing greater powers to prevent corrupt practices.”

Also raises the initiative Centralization of general general contracting policyBecause it removes the powers of the Ministry of Finance to participate in international trade negotiations related to public sector procurement, as well as to coordinate strategic procurement.

“These changes in the legal framework, consistent with the nature of the Strategic Employment Program, will help promote the sound practice of the public service by monitoring public spending during its implementation, and ensuring its transparent, efficient, robust and corruption-free management,” the statement read. document.

If approved, the civil service will appoint and dismiss the heads of administrative and financial units, “for the purpose of their actions and decisions being objective, impartial and independent, and to avoid possible acts of corruption or the complicity of public officials.” In addition, it may be proposed to the boards of quasi-governmental entities to appoint and remove those responsible for the said units.

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