AMLO’s son denies conflict of interest for a home in Houston, US


After Mexicans Against Corruption, Impunity and Latinos report a potential conflict of interest between Baker Hughes and President Ramon Lopez Beltran’s son, yesterday he and his wife, Carolyn Adams, denied any possible wrongdoing.

“In 2018, I made the decision (to continue) to practice my legal profession, until we, as a family, decided to move to the United States. Currently and since 2020, I have been working as a legal advisor for the development and construction of KEI Partners, a private company In Houston I got my TN work visa.

I am an ordinary citizen and have no interference with the government of Mexico. One hundred percent of my income comes from my work in Houston. There was not and there will be no conflict of interest. “I ask you to respect my private life and the life of my family,” Lopez Beltran said.

On her part, Caroline clarified, regarding the rental house referred to in the report, that it was she who rented the property under the required requirements in the United States and for which she signed a contract. He added that Lopez Beltran was still in the process of obtaining a visa in this law.

He confirmed, in turn, that he did not know the property owner or the executives from Baker Hughes.

He said in a press release where he added screenshots of an alleged conversation with a real estate agent who contacted him to rent the property.

He noted that: “We have all the evidence in our possession and are ready to hand it over to the relevant authorities, so that, when they deem it appropriate and timely, they may or may not disclose the information publicly.”

According to the report, Ramon Lopez and Carolyn Adams occupied the indicated property in September 2019, a month after Baker Hughes secured a multi-million dollar contract with Pemex.

The note said the property in question, at the time of its lease, was in the name of a senior Baker Hughes official.

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