An interactive journey through the energy transition at the Museum of Science and the Universe

An interactive journey through the energy transition at the Museum of Science and the Universe

The global community is immersed in a strategic moment in which the energy transition is key to moving towards a model that allows mitigating risks arising from the climate emergency. A change in which the consumer must realize that he is playing a leading and active role. Under these premises, the traveling exhibition of Redeia, the parent company of Red Eléctrica, Connected to the Future: The Energy Transition, has arrived in Tenerife and can now be visited, until next March, at Museum of Science and Con La Laguna.

“We pursue a triple objective: to raise awareness of the effects of climate change, to publicize the challenges of the energy transition and the sustainability commitments of the 2030 Agenda and for the visitor to become aware of the active role to be played during the energy transition “, confirms Redeia delegate in the Canary Islands, Ainara Irigoyen .

Three objectives developed during the exhibition’s five-module tour bring these concepts closer in an educational and interactive way, through quizzes, experiments, and games.

Redeia delegate in the Canary Islands, Ainara Irigoyen. Fran Ballero

“We want to bring the world of electricity and communications in general closer together, at a time when it is also transcendent in the fight against climate change, a transitional phase that will bring with it a great technological revolution that will affect us all. And we believe that it is very important for society to participate in this transformation and for the consumer to know that he is a hero novel and that, in addition, he must be an ally in order to be able to achieve this, ”explains Ainara Irigoyen.

To create an interactive experience, the visitor will participate through a personalized QR code that he receives via email when registering at the start of the fair, with which the contents and games of each unit will be activated.

In the first unit, devoted to electricity and connectivity, it aims to introduce the visitor to the history and world of energy and communications through a series of games and experiments aimed at acquiring basic knowledge about the properties of energy. or data transmission. and photos, all in a very interactive way.

The second station leads to the central space of the exhibition and has a large model through which the different scenarios of the light path are shown in order to explain the operation of the electrical system. “Everything is complemented by interactive games to better understand how the electrical system works, how electricity comes from power plants, renewable and from all kinds of technology, and how it reaches consumption points through networks. Here, for the electrical system to function, a constant balance between generation and demand is important Very,” points out Ainara Irigoyen.

In addition, through a virtual tour, the viewer will be able to learn about the operation of the Electric Control Center (Cecoel), an infrastructure through which Red Eléctrica operates the electrical system to ensure a high quality and safe electrical supply at all times. “It explains the different functions of the control center at all times, and how, in addition, within our functions, we maximize the integration of renewable energies. In fact, in 2006 Red Eléctrica created the first renewable energy integration control center, which was pioneered worldwide And he achieved very important achievements. The Canary Islands also have their own control center, which operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, ”he notes.

The show strives to be both entertaining and interactive.
The show strives to be both entertaining and interactive. Fran Ballero

Then, the third module addresses the challenges and commitments involved in the energy transition, and explains key aspects such as the integration of renewable energy sources or digital transformation. “Why is it necessary and what are the tools and challenges ahead to achieve this, to decarbonize the economy. It is also a very interactive module, which calculates the vectors we need, such as the integration of renewables, storage, self-consumption, electric vehicle, energy efficiency, active consumer aware And the digital transformation associated with all these marine tools and interconnections is also very important, because the more interconnected the grid is, the easier it is to integrate all that energy into the electrical system and share those resources,” explains Ainara Irigoyen. In this regard, you can also see a piece of the submarine cable that currently connects the islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura at the exhibition.

The fourth station explains the relationship between energy transition measures and their relationship to contributing to the sustainable development goals. The main component is an interactive game to learn about the goals of the 2030 Agenda and to affirm the commitment of society and individuals to achieve them.

The tour of the exhibition ends in the fifth unit, where the visitor learns about his instrumental role in the new electrical system, with a focus on the tools and technological developments that can aid in this energy transition, through a painting that includes different daily scenes of some kind. The home of the future that has been adapted to changes in energy transition, for example, with solar panels, storage batteries or electric vehicle recharging, among others.

The experience culminates in a virtual escape room where “clues are found in each of the modules, which will lead you to a final solution to the case revealed, related to energy transmission,” says Ainara Irigoyen.

The exhibition opened at 8 at the Museum of Science and the Universe, after its success at the Elder Science Museum in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where it was relaunched ten years later incorporating the technological and qualitative leaps of the evolution of modern redea. About 30,000 people have already visited the exhibition, which has received very positive reviews.

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