Andalusia confirms the discovery of a new variant of the Coronavirus | Society

Andalusia confirms the discovery of a new variant of the Coronavirus |  Society

Today, Council President Juanma Moreno confirmed the discovery of a new type of Coronavirus in Andalusia, which has not yet been given a specific name, and its behavior is unknown.

In statements to reporters after visiting the Basilica de la Macarena in Seville, Moreno indicated that with this new alternative, five are being traded in Andalusia, the dominant being the British, South African, Ugandan, and the new without denomination. The first was discovered at the start of the pandemic.

The Committee of Experts of the Board of Directors will be fully aware of the development of this new variable and its behavior, according to Moreno, who explained that with the advancement of the virus, new variables are introduced and this represents the “highest degree of risk”, which again asked citizens to take responsibility because “there are eight or ten Complex weeks left to “vaccinate fifty percent of the population.”

The President of the Council admitted that “everything seems to indicate that we are heading towards a fourth wave,” although he specified that it may be less effective than the third, which is the most difficult in Andalusia in terms of deaths and hospitalizations, where more than 1.4 million people have been vaccinated. Immunize half a million people.

Additionally, he argued that Andalusia was the only independent community in Spain to have a closed periphery between the provinces.

Regarding the European vaccination passport, Moreno considered it positive to advance safely in mobility and revitalize tourism and services, and indicated that the council launched a similar initiative for nearly three months using a QR code on mobile devices to identify vaccinated people.

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