Awaken the Fury, the new Jason Statham introduces a new trailer


Awaken the anger It is the new movie for our dear Jason Statham. The film will premiere in Spain the following day May 28, 2021From the director’s hand Jay Ritchie (Aladdin, gentlemen: masters of the mafia). The text was signed by Richie himself, in collaboration with Evan Atkinson, Marne Davis, and Nicholas Bukhreev. Where Metro-Golden-Mayer Provided prof New trailer From a project that allows us to learn more about the Statham character.

Awaken the anger Makes us angry awaiting the premiere

H is mysterious, cold and distant. He’s the typical action movie star you love or hate; But embodied before Jason StathamWe can’t help but fall at his feet. Our hero is a staff member A multinational security companyAnd his task is no less difficult: he devotes himself to it Moving millions of dollars From one point in Los Angeles to another point in pickup trucks.

Although this dangerous work for someone like H is already part of his daily routine, the truth is that Someday something will happen that will change everything. When an attempted theft occurs, He will show great fighting skillsLeaving the rest of its owners astonished to say the least. And here comes the role of the command node: Who is really this character?

Timelines, textual distortions … and a mysterious hero

Tape features Josh Hartnett, Scott Eastwood, Holt McCallani, Geoffrey Donovan and Las Alonso In the cast. Awaken the anger It depends on francs of excitation Transporter, Which in 2004 was a huge box office success. In the scenario we can expect to meet Different timelines, different characters and text flips This will make us more and more fascinated by it.

Awaken the anger It is scheduled to premiere in Spanish cinemas in May 28While it will be launched in the United States shortly before: on the seventh of the same month.

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