Announcing the 1st Comprehensive Regenerative Medicine Congress in Mazatlan – El Sol de Mazatlan

Announcing the 1st Comprehensive Regenerative Medicine Congress in Mazatlan – El Sol de Mazatlan

Mazatlan. without-. in order to promote the landmarks of the city A doctor in the port, as well as introducing the benefits of using Stem Cells For various purposes, the realization of the first announced Comprehensive Conference on Regenerative Medicine Centerwhich will be based on Mazatlan.

Vice President of Commerce for the Women Entrepreneurs Committee in the Arab Republic of Egypt Kanako MazatlanNadia Itzel Guzman Valenzuela stated that it is through this type of event that the search for the landmarks of the city Among the agreements that focused this time on the health sector, increase in port.

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In addition to the fact that medical groups have the opportunity to stay updated on various topics that are in trend or that make scientific progress known.

Medical tourism also includes patients who are looking for tourist destinations that offer preventive and corrective treatments of various kinds, and in the case of this second group, most of them do not skimp on investing in order to preserve or restore their health. And it is important to note that during the period that they conduct the various treatments, they enjoy the beauty and facilities of the city that receives them, which turns this into an economic benefit.”


The topics to be taught at the conferences will be: legal aspects and current legal status of regenerative medicine in Mexico, basic and applied research, use of technology in medical operations and research, development and application of biotechnology products, medical tourism as a business opportunity.

They will be taught by speakers such as Dr. Roberto Canto, researcher and innovator in cellular therapies, among others.

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