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Pope Francis summoned young Catholics to a Macro event Online Next Saturday, October 2, titled Responsible consumption challenge, Beside 30 face-to-face encounters Scattered all over the world, including Spain, with the aim of thinking together another way of living, consuming and participating in the economy.

under the title Francesco’s economy (Francis Economy), the Pope wants to instill a new spirit in young Catholic entrepreneurs and for this he is starting from the foundation that a new economic culture, more supportive, must be built from the community, from the encounter of individuals and individuals. others. In his own words, speaking in 2019, it is necessary to “exercise a different economy; one who makes people live and not kill, who includes and does not exclude, humanizes and does not strip humanity, who cares for creation and does not prey on it.” These words were the starting point for the movement of the economy in Francisco.

Poverty, finance, work, environment, businessAnd They are the main themes of the online meeting program because – according to Pope Francis – “Great things cannot be committed only from a theoretical or individual perspective without a spirit that encourages them, without internal motives that give them meaning, without affiliation and a root that gives breathing space for personal and community work.”

Some of the internationally renowned people with whom young people have had a fruitful dialogue in recent months have been confirmed: Vandana Shiva, Jennifer Nidelsky, Partha Dasgupta, Sabina Alkin and Jeffrey Sachs.

In Spain, several face-to-face meetings were planned under the name “EoF Center” in Girona, Valladolid and Madrid. In the case of the capital, the event will take place in the morning, from 10:30 to 12:30, at CEU San Pablo (Faculty of Economics). It can also be followed remotely in a file CEU’s YouTube channel.

Entry is free, but you must register in advance due to capacity limitations. To do this, write to [email protected] or contact Instagram

As explained in their press release, “At this event it will be possible to reflect and learn about how to have more responsible consumption habits, what strength we have as consumers and learn about proposals from companies or entities that are trying to produce or provide services in a more sustainable way.”

The participants are Marta Pedrajas, philosopher and economist, who works in the Vatican Circle of Integrated Human Development. Agustin Domingo, Professor of Moral and Political Philosophy at the University of Valencia; Juan Eduardo Santon Moreno, PhD Professor at the Catholic University of Valencia and will also receive presentations from entities in the fields of fashion (slow fashion next) , feed (La Osa cooperative supermarket), energy (Electric Cooperative La Corrienteand financial affairsEthical Bank Shows).

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