Anxiety in Andalusia after the discovery of a new breed: “We know nothing”


Mr. Cardenas

14:29 • March 30. 2021

Coronavirus in Andalusia has mutated into a new, unknown strain Until now it was not possible to determine its origin. This was notified a few minutes ago by the head of the Military Council in Andalusia, Joanma Moreno, Which confirmed that there are actually five subspecies present in Andalusia, where the British predominate.

There are five subspecies in the Andalusian lands, And the Andalusian president, who had warned that Britain was the dominant one in Uganda, South Africa, Ghana and now a new one that was discovered today and not named yet and we don’t know how it will act, said. “Over time, some people appear to be more aggressive and tend to outweigh the effects of vaccines.”

But the discovery of the new strain was not the only concern Moreno expressed today, as he warned that everything seems to point to what we see.What are we going to progressive Accelerate inflammation. The rise in the epidemiological curve, which confirmed that it will lead to increased hospitalization, intensive care units and deaths.

“We are heading towards the fourth wave, but we must assess whether it will witness a similar frequency to the third wave that came after Christmas. But shutting down intercountry mobility and providing vaccination makes us believe that there are eight or ten complicated weeks until we pass 50% of the vaccinated population and return to a certain normal, ”Moreno defends.

For his part, the Minister of Health and Family said, Jesus Aguirre, He informed the site of this new alternative at a cabinet meeting that celebrated this Tuesday and indicated that they would be “very hungry” to see how aggressive he is.

“We are very familiar with. Experts tell us that it’s perfectly normal for strains to mutate. It also tells us that vaccines can be easily reprogrammed within a month or two to deal with new strains. “

Although he warned that “more aggressive strains could come and they could take into account a large part of the proposals we made in Andalusia”.

finally, Moreno considered the health passport a “step forward” for mobility He explained that for three months the council has a QR code on the phone to identify those who have been vaccinated. “It is a positive thing because it will allow, with certainty, the free movement of people in Europe and revitalize the economy,” he concluded.

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