Climate crisis. Oil workers march with youth for climate in France

Climate crisis.  Oil workers march with youth for climate in France
Photo: Phil des Contrastes

Pictures of environmental activists alongside oil workers showed that a new alliance was also destroyed. Last Sunday was on the streets of France as part of the fight for a climate law truly committed to the environment and against the planet’s degradation.

More than 110,000 people were counted in more than 180 towns, about 700 associations and unions called the demonstration, and 230 political figures signed a platform announcing their participation. These figures are new evidence of the importance of the climate issue and the sensitivity of the population, especially the youth, to a problem that cannot be solved within the limits of the current economic and productive system and its destructive dynamics to the environment.

Earlier this week, a climate bill was presented to the French National Assembly and will be discussed within the next three weeks. Environmental groups, NGOs, and the High Climate Commission all view it as very insufficient. The need to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a short time conflicts with measures that do not question large polluting companies. Even if you follow the law’s guidelines that Macron intends to pass, only a quarter of the necessary emissions will be reduced.

In the middle of that filling is Adrian Cornet, a worker at the Total refinery in Grandboats Take the word For dialogue with young people:

“It may seem strange to see refineries in the center of the environmentalists […] But we’re working in a refinery because it’s the only way we’ve found to get away from the risks […] It is imperative that young people, with the climate movement, approach workers who have the means of production in their hands and who can paralyze them in order to impose a new power relationship on the employers. In addition, Adrian was finally encouraged to lead to a general strike to force a real environmental shift.

Since the start of this 2021 year, the refiners at the Total plant in Grandpuits have been in trouble Greenwashing strategy It is a huge multinational fossil fuel. They intend, covered by a supposed green shift of this plant, had hundreds of workers fired. Meanwhile, its name is emerging from scandals in countries such as Uganda where the company intends to construct a pipeline more than 1,500 kilometers long to destroy a large natural park en route or in Mozambique where the construction of a gas project forces the forced displacement of the population. The workers of the Grandpuits have made it clear that the defense of the environment and the struggle against the capitalist exploitation of resources and the population are intertwined and are deeply international.

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But in order to stop the environmental catastrophe, which is becoming increasingly close, we cannot trust governments proposing programs that never question the pillars of the polluted system or the capitalists who deal with it.

How do Adrien is encouragedThere is a need for a strong alliance between workers, the climate movement and youth to confront the climate crisis and take the necessary measures to save our lives and our planet to the end.

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