Apple’s MacBook Pro 2021 is said to return the SD card slot

Apple’s MacBook Pro 2021 is said to return the SD card slot

Apple may finally introduce a built-in SD card slot on upcoming 2021 MacBook Pro laptop models, according to a new report from BloombergMark Gorman, In a move that will restore the popular port standard for the company’s computers.

The MacBook Pro lineup hasn’t offered an SD card slot since Apple removed the feature in its 2016 redesign, which truncated all ports from laptops in favor of four universal USB-C ports. This has forced many professional users – who rely on the popular memory card format to import photos and videos to their computers for editing – to resort to the annoying dongle to get the same functionality.

News comes after that Previous report From Gurman who originally explained some of the changes Apple was planning for the upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch designs. These changes include removing the controversial Touch Bar interface versus the physical function keys; Introducing a square-shaped design that matches iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPhone 12 lineups; Add brighter shows; And Apple MagSafe Magnetic Chargers. That’s all plus the biggest change, which will see high-end laptops transition from Intel processors to a more powerful version of Apple’s ARM-based internal M1 chipset.

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo supported these reports by claiming that the new laptops will provide additional ports, but today they represent the first confirmation of an SD card slot specifically.

News of the return of the SD card slot actually comes aside in a bigger report about Apple’s planned update to the “high end” MacBook Air model, Which is said to offer similar MagSafe features and a processor as the new MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, though, there’s no mention of the SD card slot being offered in the upcoming air update – just a pair of USB-C ports.

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