Argentina “can count” on the United States to stabilize its economy: Blinken to Miley | today's news

Argentina “can count” on the United States to stabilize its economy: Blinken to Miley |  today's news

A photo provided by the Presidency of Argentina shows United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken (D), with Argentine President Javier Miley, during a meeting on Friday at Casa Rosada (headquarters of the executive branch) in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Photo: Argentine Presidency/EFE – Argentine Presidency

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met on Friday in Buenos Aires with Liberal President Javier Miley and stressed that Argentina “can count” on the United States to stabilize its economy.

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“The people of Argentina can count on us as they work to stabilize their economy,” Blinken said in a joint press conference with his counterpart Diana Mondino, where he stressed at the end of a quick tour in Latin America that he sees “tremendous efforts.” Potential.” “In the South American country.

Regarding the agricultural potential possessed by the South American country, the head of US diplomacy added: “Argentina has what the world needs, and we want to be partners with Argentina while helping to feed the world.”

In addition, he stressed that the United States represents the country with the largest foreign investment in the South American country and his desire to maintain it: “We want American companies to continue to be the partner of choice for Argentina.”

Blinken had previously met with President Miley, who announced that with this visit, “Argentina decided to return to the side of the West, to the side of progress, to the side of democracy, and above all, freedom.”

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Blinken earlier visited the famous Plaza de Mayo, which has been the scene of many celebrations and plays in Argentine history, as well as the Cabildo Museum, the historic seat of the colonial and then post-colonial executive in Buenos Aires, where he held talks with civil society representatives.

This is the first visit of the head of US diplomacy to Argentina, who participated on Wednesday and Thursday in a meeting of his counterparts from the G20 in Brazil. He also met with Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Blinken's visit comes as social temperatures rise in Argentina, where the austerity measures taken by Miley's ultra-liberal government have affected, as the inflation rate reached 254% on an annual basis last January, and half the population is in poverty.

On Wednesday, there was a national train strike, on Thursday a strike by health workers, and on Friday thousands of people marched in major cities in Argentina to demand food aid for community kitchens from Miley's government and reject its adaptation policies.

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This week, the Argentine authorities also received a visit from Gita Gopinath, Deputy Director of the International Monetary Fund, the organization with which the country secured a US$57 billion loan, from which it received US$44 billion.

The meeting was held hours before Miley traveled to participate in a conservative conference on Saturday in Washington, where former US President Donald Trump will also be present. In response to a question asked by an American reporter about this, Blinken answered, “No.” [podía] Talk about your future meetings, only [podía] talking about [suya]Which was very fruitful.” Argentina's Foreign Minister, Diana Mondino, did not confirm the existence of a meeting between the former president and Milley.

The Argentine President will travel accompanied by the Secretary General of the Presidency, Karina Miley, and the Ambassador-designate to the United States, Gerardo Verthen. At the Political Action Conference, Miley will be one of the speakers at the meeting, which will also include Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador.

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