Art Basel Miami Beach tour

“It is a pride that the best artists in the world come to Miami to show their work. Many of them exhibit in the best galleries in Europe, Asia, Africa etc., and being here is a luxury. An opportunity you cannot stop enjoying,” he said. South America Daily One of the attendees at the event.

Another specimen that is causing quite a stir is Survey, an exhibition that highlights artistic practices of historical interest. In addition to the edition, where you can enjoy both edited and printed works. But it is not only the installations that captivate, as there are also magazines, a gallery where you can admire the world’s finest art publications.

Art Basel 2021 surprises:

The Congress Center was not only the focus during Art Basel, as exhibitions held under Miami Art Week, Art Basel’s sister event, continued to break records, as did the Helle Nehmed Gallery. Sold for about $20 million The knight and the woman with the flowerBy Pablo Picasso.

Dinner and lunch parties in which artists, celebrities, businessmen and the best curators of the world’s art galleries participate, seek to establish from Miami to be the artists to follow over the next year, dedicating Art Basel as one of the most important events for world art and business, which is why the Gucci brand has led events and parties throughout The week, as did the fashion brand Saint Laurent, which turned to designer and artist Sho Shibuya for an exhibition held in the plazas near 17th Street.

The creative director of the French luxury brand, Anthony Vaccarello, commissioned the Japanese artist to present the show 55 sunrise In an ephemeral personal exhibition it was undoubtedly one of the most famous images since the artist, through a pink and red cube located on the beach, making the ocean and sky his background.

Yenka Shanibar. jpg

Shoredy Rodriguez

Other artists who have caught the audience’s attention, this time from the convention center, are South African artist Bonolo Kavula, who works in textiles. Kavula, 29, made her debut in Art Basel with “Let’s meet on the mountain”As an extension of his first solo exhibition, “Swedish Swede” [Sewedi era el apellido de soltera de su madre].

Soshiro Matsubara, who was part of the Attitudes Gallery, was also surprised by his compositions that usually start with the looks and tragedies of historical romantic couples. In this case, she commemorated the love affair between Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka and composer and writer Alma Mahler.

Shushiro Matsubara. jpg

Opera de shushiro matsubara

Opera de shushiro matsubara

Shoredy Rodriguez

Finally, the self-taught Tanzanian painter Sungi Mlengeya, known for her amazing portraits of women in Uganda, showcased an exhibition in which women are reflected in formations of unity and strength, their clothes blending into the background, as if the figures would float. in the space.

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