Artificial intelligence can end the planet and this is a solution to save it

Artificial intelligence can end the planet and this is a solution to save it

There is perfect material to help artificial intelligence not pose the amazing problem they face today.

Artificial intelligence can end the world in a way you can’t even imagine

Artificial intelligence is endangering the planet in a way you may not imagine. Many people talk about the functionality that will disappear because of ChatGPT and other conversational AIs. However, the truth is that this is not the point that society should be afraid of, but rather the environmental problem can be generated If they continue to reproduce in this very wonderful way.

Something we already see, since all companies want to have them Amnesty International. We’ve already seen it with Google’s artificial intelligence, but things don’t stop there, as others are expected to emerge slowly.

Why is artificial intelligence a danger to the planet?

according to CountryArtificial intelligence systems consume a true barbarism. Most of them run data centers and supercomputers The largest in the world, so they already consume a significant portion of the world’s energy spending. The problem is that they can be used up in the future One-sixth of all the energy in the world. This carries a high risk, as Manuel Pascual warns in the article. Normal Google search barely consumes power, however Ask the conversational AI, yes.

This is because you are asking the AI ​​and doing massive research across trillions of web pages in order to find the solution. Therefore, the energy imprint he left behind was extremely impressive.

next to, Training AI is very expensiveAlthough it does not exist yet Specific data on consumption, since the companies remain quite conservative about the costs of researching these issues. Also, the development is still going on as all the AI ​​systems are in very early versions and It is not yet able to perform very complex functions.

Briefly, Artificial intelligence endangers the planet:

  • Artificial intelligence systems are found in supercomputers and cloud-connected computers.
  • AI search consumes much more than normal search.
  • All this leads to high energy consumption Planet Earth is endangered.

This is the solution so that artificial intelligence does not wipe out the planet

As indicated by 3D gamescould be the solution tritiumIt is a substance that forms naturally in the upper atmosphere. It is formed directly from the influence of cosmic rays, but is not produced in large quantities. on the contrary.

he is good, it is good Incredibly rare And he only has it 20 kg annual production But his potential is completely and utterly monstrous. Mainly because it makes it possible to get rid of and replace nuclear energy deuterium and tritiumBy combining these elements, Generate a huge amount of electricity Matching or exceeding the capabilities of any power plant today But at a much lower cost of materials.

In addition, nuclear waste is also removed along the way, as it is not generated using this new system. However, at the moment, the project is still in very preliminary stages, although major countries in Asia, Europe and America have joined forces for Find more of these items.

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