At a world-class university of Oaxaca, a degree in medicine is taught


A “ global ” university, public or private, is not more expensive because of the tuition and fees associated with it, or because it has luxurious facilities, – cafes, gyms, etc. – even for being elitist at this, although it is not the purpose. Of it, except that it is classified as the most economically preferred category. A university of this type, in addition, regularly obtains the best academic results and achieves its goal: to contribute to progress in all aspects.

Unfortunately, the misconception about what a true university persists is that it should not only be a training school for highly trained professionals, but also a community transformer. This is the world-class university, and that is exactly it SUNEO at Oaxaca.

Both are for results General examinations for bachelor’s expenses (urchin) From Seneval, Which places SUNEO first at the national level, as with the recognitions obtained year after year, locally, nationally, and of course internationally, positioning this new university system as a ‘world class’ worthy of imitation.

To achieve a goal Bachelor of Medicine at UNSISThe study plan consists of 12 semesters organized by four structural axes. Axis 1, consisting of biomedical bases, focuses on teaching the structure and physiological functions of the human being. Which provides theoretical knowledge to understand the functioning of the human body. Axis 2, which corresponds to the preclinical foundations, will teach the student the techniques of clinical exploration and interpretation of major diagnostic complementary studies, as well as the pathophysiological foundations of disease and its pharmacological treatment.

Axis 3, which includes clinical foundations, focuses on studying the most representative diseases by field of specialization, to understand each process from the clinical field and to have the ability to establish a timely diagnosis, appropriate treatment and reference in a timely manner in order to improve the patient’s prognosis. Axis 4, transversally, includes the social, medical and human foundations of medicine, to provide the philosophical, cognitive, ethical, legal, administrative, and sociopolitical foundations for medicine.

Beginning in the fourth semester, students complete their learning with practices divided into simulation courses and clinical courses to strengthen the preclinical and clinical axes. For the activities carried out in the simulation courses, modern and spacious simulators, equipment, furniture and facilities are available, with qualified and full-time staff who will confirm and link their knowledge with clinical practice, under the supervision of medical professionals in each of the main areas. Once this period ends, the student will perform his social service, as stipulated in the current regulations in our country.

Training process for medical graduates UNSIS Broad, integrated with levels of demand and discipline, as well as with the personal and professional values ​​shared with students that characterize SUNEO, it is possible to ensure well-prepared professionals in solidarity with the community.

Awards 2018. – 1. – UTM. ?? Second place as the best student paper ?? In the Sixth International Workshop On the new Trends in Medical and Service Robotics MESROB 2018With a characterization of a robot with a movable hand written by it Francisco Javier Espinosa GarciaAnd Manuel Arias MontielAnd Giuseppe CarboniAnd Esther Logo Gonzalez And Matteo Russo. An event that took place from 4 to 6 July 2018 in Cassino, Italy. 2.- UNSIS. ?? The Computer Science, Level 1, five-year, renewal of a record of higher education programs recognized for good quality at CIEES in 2018. Will it last ??


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