At T-MEC, the United States expresses its concern about Mexico’s performance


Mexico City /

United States commercial representative, Catherine Tay, confirmed her country It has a number of concerns about how Mexico will handle its obligations under the T-MEC.

During a hearing with the Senate subcommittee on appropriations for commerce, justice, science and related agencies, Kathryn Tye indicated that the coronavirus pandemic has had an important impact on countries; However, he said that did not preclude making sure the trade would continue.

Although the United States Trade Representative has not specified which obligations are causing concern on the part of the United States, He noted that various agricultural groups from the neighboring country to the north have reported problems in this sector.

The official pointed out that she had previously expressed her concern to the head of the Economy Ministry, Tatiana Kloter, saying, “She has no qualms about raising Mexico’s concerns about what we are doing here in the United States.”

Katherine Tye emphasized that she is not “afraid” to use the application tools created in T-MEC to solve potential problems that arise.

“In order to do justice to T-MEC, we need to use all of these tools to see if it works and then improve it. That’s the point of making a business deal. It doesn’t put it on the shelf and look at it. It is to make sure it works.”

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