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In primaries, the federal government consists of three branches of the union: Executive, legislative and judicial, Each has its own scope of work, organizational structures, responsibilities and independence. There is no power above another. The President of the Republic confirmed this well: “The… Executive power “It is not the power of forces.” By law or custom – which also makes law – at specific acts or ceremonial ceremonies of the state, in addition to the executive power, those who head the other two powers are present. The executive authority is in no way the host that decides, according to its state of mind, the presence of representatives of the legislative and judicial authorities. If this is the case, the division of powers becomes an exclusion of authorities.

president Lopez Obrador In an unusual way, he ordered that representatives of the Federal Congress or the Supreme Court of Justice not be invited to the traditional independence cry ceremony and military parade the next day, because “we do not have good relations with the authorities.” Judicial… They have dedicated themselves to working against the conversion, and we consider them against the people, and they are representatives of the oligarchy, a corrupt and greedy minority.” That is, public officials who do not sympathize with them. 4T They deserve to be marginalized from the business of government. If the president doesn’t get along with Olga Peña, he doesn’t invite her, as if it were a joke, as if he had the ball. It seems that the president opens the doors of his palace to whomever he wants. How many times does Amlou repeat the word “democracy” every morning?

Those invited by President López Obrador to participate in the display of civil-military independence are units of the Russian armies, as well as Nicaragua – the most impudent, impudent and impregnable dictatorship in the region – Venezuela, Korea, China, El Salvador and Cuba. , among other things. Russia faces global disapproval over its invasion of Ukraine, and even our country opposed it United nations Now he has been included in the summons list, and most of them have already been interrogated. The president seems surprised by this rejection, and blames the bad press against him: Why was there no such reaction when Calderón invited Russia to participate in the parade? Well, maybe it’s because Russia didn’t brutally invade Ukraine at the time.

Likewise, and unexpectedly, Mexico, through its new Foreign Minister Foreign relations, requested its re-joining of the Group of 77 + China – the largest grouping of developing countries – a forum that we left in 1994, simultaneously with our entry into the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, during the summit held in Havana, Cuba – the next meeting will be in Uganda -. After leaving the G77+, Mexico significantly increased its trade and investment relations with the United States – its main trading partner – and Canada. So what is the motivation behind the unexpected return to the G77 + China? What will our key trading partners think?

I regret to disagree with the reactive decisions taken by President López Obrador. What is desired is agreement and a feeling that we are part of the right side of history.

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