The government supports the establishment of Olodotu for Rwanda –

The government supports the establishment of Olodotu for Rwanda –
Chairman of Mahathi Infra Uganda Ltd, Steve Omenji Minda, has unveiled the Ugandan project to construct the Bukasa pipeline, from Bweringa to Kawuku, to Rwanda, to revive the petroleum products transportation sector.
“Abiamu showed what we can do and we hope that when we finished this project, he gave us permission to build Olodotu from Bukasa to Rwanda. “In America and Europe, we don’t need to deliver fuel on the streets, we need to use railways or oil, we don’t need Fuel or capacity to do so,” Ruth Nankabirua said on Saturday while accompanying the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ruth Nankabirua, on a guided visit to the fuel station in Bukasa-Bueringa.
The MT Kabaka Mutebi II, launched in December 2022, is operating in the region and transporting 4.5 million liters of fuel from Kisumu to the Bukasa-Bueringa terminal. The station has the capacity to consume 70 million liters of fuel.
“One of the details of the project is the construction of the first saucer (MT Kabaka Mutebi II). The navi dovrebbero number four, and the second, in the completion stage and with the best capacity, will be ready for service at the end of this year,” said Minda.
It was added that the project will transform the economy of Uganda and neighboring countries: South Sudan, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and some areas of Tanzania, including Mwanza, Bukoba and Musoma.
Minister Nankabirwa announced the initiative to invest in the installation of fuel serbatoe worth 70 million liters in addition to the 30 million liter serbatoe for Jinja.
“If the investor is commercially suitable to move to Rwanda with an Olodotu vehicle equipped with a truck, the government will implement this. The street, on which the truck is used to transport fuel, continues to depreciate and does not spend money to rehabilitate, without dimenticare gli ingorghi and gli accidents,” he said. This kind of richness enriches the hosting of people, as the government works well and manages all the cooperative communities.”
Mahathi Infra Uganda Ltd is the company managing the Bukasa-Boringa Kawuku fuel station project, in the Wakiso District.

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