Cash flow in elections doubles the financial obligations of Mexicans – El Financiero

Cash flow in elections doubles the financial obligations of Mexicans – El Financiero

in view of The 2024 presidential elections in Mexico, which will be linked to the United States elections, Consumers are expected to double their financial commitments.

“GDP tends to rise during an election year, and that’s reflected in consumption, but non-durables are more stable, and the dynamic thing comes in durables, because There is greater employment, credit and consumer confidence “Specifically for durable goods purchases, nearly double the number of commitments received in an election year.” Raquel Jimenez, Director of Customer Success at Nielsen IQ.

Within the framework of the conference “Consumer Panorama 2024: In an election year in Mexico,” the advisor explained that in the past two decades when they During election years, the employment rate increased by an average of 4.2 percent Family income is 8 percent.

Consequently, consumer confidence rises to 41 points, which highlights this Increase credit card loans up to 40 percentAmong the main expenses are computers, clothes, and cars.

“What political parties invest represents more than half a point of GDP, and this growth continues to be reflected in the economy,” Jiménez commented.

Added to this is the Federal Expenditure Budget (PEF) account. Towards social programs, 67 percent of thisdistributed between pensions for the elderly, scholarships, seeding life, youth to build the future, and production for well-being.

They stressed that the Southeast is the region of the country with the greatest growth, where the low-income population is concentrated and where it receives the most government support, along with federal projects such as the Maya Train and the Dos Bocas refinery.

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