Banco de la República increases its balance in red | Economie

Banco de la República increases its balance in red |  Economie

at the end of February Republic Bank It reported losses of $860,057 million, a figure that contrasts with a red balance of $57,097 million in the second month of 2021.

(Bank of the Republic co-managers fear rising inflation.)

According to the figures reported by the issuer, revenues in February of this year amounted to $594,492 million, While the amount of this indicator before the year was $ 457,643 million, an increase of 29% between the two periods.

For its part, the expenditures recorded by the Central Bank of Colombia amounted to 1.45 trillion dollars, which contrasts with what was recorded a year ago when it was 514.74 billion dollars, which indicates the growth of the second month of 2021 compared to the same month of 2022. 182%.

For its part, the total comprehensive income of the Bank of the Republic, according to the figures provided by the issuer in February, was negative 2.46 trillion dollars, compared to a negative amount also of 671103 million dollars, which represents an increase in the negative number by 267.5%. .

(Inflation, the headache of the Colombian economy).

The estimates planned for this year are positive in terms of results for Jumhouria Bank, Especially if we take into account that international interest rates, led by the Federal Reserve in the United States, will rise to combat inflation.


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