Barakaldo opens his science week with 39 free activities for the whole family

Barakaldo opens his science week with 39 free activities for the whole family

Until Sunday, the flag will be the main hero in Barakaldo On the occasion of the celebration of Science Week, a course that will present to the public over these days a total of 39 activities that will be completely freeYes, this edition of Zientzia Astea will focus on adapting to climate change in today’s society and creating smart, climate-neutral cities. Barakaldo, along with the three Basque capitals, is one of the few municipalities to host the Science Week activities promoted by UPV, now in its 23rd edition.

The range of activities that will be offered during these days in the manufacturing city will be very wide. In this way, there is in the program from talks to exhibitions through other types of activities such as, for example, children’s and family workshops, guided tours and eco-tours, among others. Thus, of all the alternatives programmed for this science week, the Erakusteko kamisetak-T-shirts exhibition that teaches. SDGs awareness images. This exhibition can be viewed until next Monday at the Clara Campoamor Cultural Center and is implemented by students of the Creative and Design degree at the UPV School of Fine Arts. a) yes, This gallery consists of a total of 72 images Printed on T-shirts that seek, in one way or another, to make citizens aware of the global challenges that arise to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. And no one will miss Science Week classics on this occasion, such as Zenzia Club. This space, where Several UPV scholars will present monologues, and will be active today from 7:00 PM at the Clara Campoamor Cultural Center. How could it be otherwise, there will also be a direct connection with nature and the Barakalda will not have to go far, as on Saturday they will be able to attend a guided tour of the Botanical Garden, a walk in which the interpretation is given in Basque language.

for themselvesA total of 25 workshops will be offered All these days, in which the flag will be the main hero in eleven days. In this aspect, you can enjoy robotics and sustainable creativity workshops. These courses will be offered at Clara Campoamor, in the Basque Country, and are aimed at boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12. The kids will be divided into two big groups according to their age.

art project

For his part, there will also be space for the art world in this edition of Science Week. In this sense, it will also be possible to participate in the artistic creativity project implemented by artist Miriam Lodi Zollet. This project promoted by Loidi is called Mantas Salvavidas and its purpose is for citizens to question their consumption habits and the way they consume in the textile sector. But this activity is more than just thinking, as there is an opportunity for each participant to sew a piece of fabric and, little by little, weave a large blanket together. This activity will take place at the Clara Campoamor Cultural Center until next Sunday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Thus, Barakaldo will celebrate Science Week until Sunday.

in short

Until Sunday. Barakaldo celebrates until Sunday the 23rd edition of Science Week. The city of industrialization, along with the three Basque capitals, is the only city that hosts the activities of this UPV programme.

39 free activities. The Science Week program contains a total of 39 activities in Barakaldo. All proposals will be free to the public and a large part of them will be presented at the Clara Campoamor Cultural Centre.

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