Baseball is reinvigorating diplomacy between the United States and Cuba

  • During the administration of former President Donald Trump, relations between the United States and Cuba were far apart.
  • In 2017, US diplomats and their families claimed hygienic conditions.
  • Therefore, the United States accused Cuba of being responsible for these diseases.

After more than three years of virtually no consular services, the United States Embassy in Cuba Wednesday began a process of interviewing baseball players who will be going to the pre-Olympic tournament in Florida, from May 31 to June 5.

In fact, Cubans are seeking visas to compete in an event that brings together seven other teams; Including Venezuela, Colombia, Canada, Dominican Republic and the United States. This is an attempt to secure the only contested venue in the Tokyo Olympics, in July, at the stadiums of West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucy, Florida.

“They interviewed us and I applied for the visa. Now we are waiting for confirmation from the authorities to get the visa. “We fill in the form and then (the United States) will notify the Cuban Union,” said recipient Evan Prieto.

Prieto, 24, said, “For Cuba, this is very important Be in the Olympiad. He mentioned three gold medals won by Cuba in Barcelona in 1992: Atlanta 1996 and Athens 2004.

The Cuban baseball team appears to be the first official delegation to seek visas at the US headquarters in Havana. In 2017, however, the Donald Trump administration reduced its mandate to nearly zero. He then accused Cuba of being responsible for a series of mysterious health accidents linked to his diplomats.

Baseball unites Cuba and the United States after the Trump era

Beginning in 2017, dozens of US diplomats and their families reported health conditions. These problems included hearing loss, ringing in the ears, lightheadedness and fatigue. According to Washington, it is a pattern of a series of mild brain injuries, the so-called “Havana syndrome.”

Cuba, however, dismissed Washington’s accusations as “slander” by the Trump administration. However, the president tightened the trade embargo in four years. More than 200 penalties are on the island.

The (visa) process was very stressful. But thanks to the efforts of the authorities that represent us at the national level, this possibility has been realized. “

Now, visa interviews for Cuban baseball players come nearly four and a half months after Joe Biden’s arrival at the White House. During his campaign, Biden pledged to reverse Trump’s policy.

In the pre-Olympic Games in the Americas, the Cuban national team will play in Group Two, alongside Venezuela, Canada and Colombia. The first group will include the United States, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Nicaragua.

“It would be difficult, not impossible (classification). “We have a good level of aiming and shooters who have shown sufficient quality,” coach Carlos Marty said before his meeting with the US authorities.

With information from Reuters.

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