Batman: Have you seen him? Google launches “Batiseñal” in its search engine

Batman: Have you seen him?  Google launches “Batiseñal” in its search engine

Google Added to the ecstasy with the movie premiere “Batman”Film directed by Matt Reeves, which will be launched worldwide on March 3. movie starring Robert Pattersonwho gives life “Batman”has already completed a series of exclusive premieres in the US and Europe, leading critics to hail the new feature film as one of the most important gems of cinematography in recent years.

Through the main search engine, Google offers a special dynamic to users, who, by placing them in the search engine “Bruce Wayne” (“Batman’s Civic Identity) or “Batman’s Signal,” a small animation of the famous “Bat Signal” that Officer Gordon has always called “Batman” appears to help fight crime.

When users activate ‘bat signal’ It is reproduced on screen with a translucent effect that recreates the legendary midnight scene with a short sound effectwhich is accompanied by another animation in which the silhouette of “Batman” appears across the screen.

After special screenings of The Batman for the movie press, Matt Reeves has been recognized with the AMC Artisan Film Seal, a franchise awarded to films that stand out for their innovative proposition in both their cinematic language and narrative structure.

This distinction has been bestowed by the AMC Theaters Chain, which analyzes films making commercial releases in US theaters and has served for decades as a guide to ensuring that films shared with audiences are of high quality. Type.

The AMC Artisan Film Seal has been awarded to films considered to bring the language of cinema to a superior experience to the viewer, and among the films that have recently achieved this distinction is “Joker”, a film starring Joaquin Phoenix, which earned him the award. Academy Award for the role of the so-called “Crime Clown” under the direction of Todd Phillips.



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