Biden called and cherished a woman who had lost her job

Biden called and cherished a woman who had lost her job

Washington, D.C .: US President Joe Biden has encouraged a California woman fired from work during the pandemic, in a conversation the White House said was part of its efforts to maintain contact with the general public.

The White House released a two-and-a-half-minute video of a long distance phone conversation with the woman, identified as Michelle. After losing her job at a clothing company in July, she wrote a letter to Biden. He read it and called her.

Roseville, California, a neighbor told Biden that it was “hard” to get a job.

Biden, speaking from the Oval Office, replied that his father had said that work is a dignity and respect in addition to pay. He outlined his $ 1.9 trillion rescue plan which includes paying people like Michael $ 1,400, among other forms of aid. It also includes funds for a vaccination campaign.

“I have been saying for a long time that the idea that we can keep companies open, operate and thrive without resolving this epidemic is not logical,” the president said.

The White House said the conversation was part of an effort to help Biden, who has restricted his travels due to the pandemic, to communicate directly with people. Biden traveled to Wilmington, Delaware, on Friday to spend the weekend with his family.

“There is a long tradition in this country to get a call from the president this way,” said Press Secretary Jane Psaki. He remembered Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “Home Conversations” and Ronald Reagan’s weekly radio address.

Over time, the radio title moved to include an online video. This practice nearly disappeared during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Psaki said that Biden’s weekly speech will take different forms.

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