The priest who foretold the arrival of Jesus in Colombia escaped with the money of the believers


Professor of literature, owner of an impeccable biography and author of various academic texts. This is the pastor Gabriel Alberto Ferrer Ruiz, Who confirmed a few weeks ago that Jesus would arrive in the Isabel Lopez region of Sabanalarga, in the Colombian state of Atlántico, on January 28.

For access Isa To this small town, the pastor prepared his religious community, which he led with his wife Yolanda Rodriguez.

He told them that they should fast for a long time to cleanse their bodies and souls, leave their jobs and sell their possessions.

And that is after his supposed arrival Isa You didn’t have to have a job, a home, or money.

even in Ferrer Ruiz He left his position as a full-time professor at Universidad del Atlantico: “I am resigning from Universidad del Atlantico because I want to pursue the goal, to see if I achieve that for which Jesus Christ also kept me,” he said in a letter sent to the pastor’s house to this educational institution.

Due to this resignation some teachers who taught Ferrer Years ago, they asked the university not to accept the resignation and, instead, to offer psychological help.

In addition, they assured that he and his wife are loyal to the religion, but in recent months they have reached an inexplicable level of intolerance.

He learned from the priest that he had recently lost his daughter.

Jesus did not come

But on the day you were supposed to arrive Isa Nothing happened. Indeed, up to that point, the community, which consisted of about 30 people, had news of its religious leader, whom the Strip’s neighbors told him, many of them gave him money.

After this situation, the story was published this Monday to the media, who reported that no one in the municipality knows the whereabouts of the priest.

Some people have already filed legal action against them FerrerWell, he was going to keep his money.

Several vassals arrived in Northern Barranquilla, where the priest’s residence is, but they did not find him.

Said Sabanalarga’s Minister of Interior, Vicente Berdugo Time On Monday, the authorities did not contact him Gabriel Ferrer Ruiz: “We never contacted the priest. He lives in Barranquilla, and his last name is Ferrer, but until January 29 we had no contact with him.”

Ferrer said the arrival of Christ was 11:59 p.m. on Thursday January 28th. But the date arrived and there were no signs, so some asked the pastor.

His answer was that “those who died in holiness by the faith of Christ will be resurrected within a few days.”

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