Ecuador’s 2021 presidential election: Andres Arause wins

In the next few hours, there will be a quick count of the 2021 presidential elections in Ecuador. Photo: AFP

Lefty, Andres Araws Victory claimed in 2021 presidential elections in EcuadorThis Sunday. His main competitor at the polls is the right, Guillermo Lasso, Who would have apparently obtained a 2-to-1 advantage in votes.

What did Andres Arouz say during the 2021 presidential election in Ecuador?

Andres ArawsDolphin, the former Socialist President Raphael Correa (2007-2017), indicated that he had scored a landslide victory in the Presidential elections 2021 in Ecuador, By saying that she ranked first in Electoral ballot dispute.

Through your account at Twitter, Andres Arause shared the following for his followers Ecuador:

“A resounding victory in all regions of our beautiful country. Our victory is 2 to 1 against the banker (Guillermo Lasso, right). Congratulations to the Ecuadorian people for this democratic party. We will wait for the official results to come out.” Andres Araws.

Meanwhile, the National Electoral Council (CNE) plans to reveal A. Quick count From the 2021 presidential election in Ecuador Sunday night.

Arouz would have won between 34.9% and 36.2% of the vote and Lasso between 21% and 21.7%, according to ballot surveys for Cedatos and Clima Social, released after polls closed.

  • Indigenous leader Yaku Perez, Also from the left but opposing Coresmo, won between 16.7% and 18% of support.

Laso, 65, leads the opposition from the conservative right of Coresmo He was one of the finalists in the 2017 presidential election, when he lost in the second round by two points to the now unpopular President Lenin Moreno, who will end his government on May 24.

  • Correa lives in Belgium, where his wife belongs, after leaving power, and in his country he was sentenced in 2020 to eight years in prison for corruption, and faces a prison order.

In the Presidential elections 2021 In Ecuador 137 members of the unicameral National Assembly, A record 16 presidential candidates participated.

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