Biden has a 38 percent approval rating, the lowest since taking office


United States President Joe Biden He had 38% approval for his layoff among Americans, According to a survey published by CNN on Monday, which also indicates that 62 percent of citizens disapprove of his administration.

The approval rating for the current president of the United States is the lowest in his presidential termespecially regarding the management of the economy (only 30 percent agree), or inflation (only 25 percent rate it positively).

In this sense, Americans regard the increase in costs as “one of the main economic pressures for most Americans”: 75% of the inflation rate and the cost of living are among the most important economic problems facing their families. Last summer it was 43%.

This data was collected only a few months prior to the midterm elections. If such elections were held today, Biden’s position among the public would not only improve, but not improve Who would have also lost the confidence of the Democratic electorateAs per the above series.

With the midterm elections approaching, polls show no sign that Biden’s standing with the public is improving, and in some major groups, things are getting worseAs per the above series.

Specifically, Biden’s acceptance numbers have also suffered among his ranks: His administration has been approved by only 62 percent of Democrats, Previously, it was 71 percent. And on inflation, it hardly moves (51% of Democrats agree, 47% disagree).

Among the people surveyed by race, 45 percent now approve of Biden’s overall performance, up from 54 percent in the spring. This decrease includes a six-point decrease among black adults and nine points among Hispanic adults.

12 percent of those surveyed consider the Biden administration’s management to be “very good.” Among his voters, the proportion rises to 28 percent, while the rate of disapproval among Republicans is 84 percent.

Just before his inauguration, 59 percent of respondents had a favorable opinion of Biden and 51 percent of Kamala Harris. Now, these numbers are 36% and 32%, respectively.

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