Biden is considering integrating cryptocurrency into the US economy

Biden is considering integrating cryptocurrency into the US economy

this wednesday, United State She mentioned that she signed a decree where she is supposed to begin evaluating the risks and benefits of creating a digital dollar, as well as integrating Cryptocurrency and other digital assets in the country’s financial system.

For this reason, the Ministry of Treasury and Tradealong with other agenciesThey will have to report on the future of money and the role it plays Cryptocurrency in the economy of the future.

The order is called “On Ensuring the Responsible Development of Digital Assets” and states that due to increased adoption, new legislation has been planned that could abort.No regulatory gap“.

This initiative also comes within the government line that aims to reduce the risks that digital assets can pose to the economy, in addition to maintaining financial stability, combating crime, illicit finance, security issues and even addressing issues of exchange, climate and pollution.

according to the order, United State It is considering integrating a central bank digital currency in the country to support efficient and low-cost transactions, primarily for cross-border money transfers and payments, as well as enhance access to the financial system.

The Initial report From this topic to be submitted within 180 days, it will include the conditions that will promote the adoption of digital assets and how technological innovation can affect the US financial system, such as the corresponding effects of changes in the payment and modernization systems, etc.

Likewise, the document will also discuss how this exchange rate can replace existing currencies and pose a significant risk to the economy, as well as human rights issues.

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