They showed great interest in Argentina

They showed great interest in Argentina

“We’ve had meetings with some of the world’s largest energy companies, which have shown a strong interest in Argentina,” Guzmán said after bilateral meetings with the directors of Total, Shell and Chevron.

The minister specified that the focus of the dialogue was a “very fruitful” work agenda to create conditions conducive to increasing levels of investment and production in a strategic sector for the country’s stability and growth, according to informed sources. From the Treasury Palace.

In the morning, Guzman Held a meeting with the President of Argentina and the Southern Cone of In general, Javier Riello. And with the Strategic Vice President of Business Development, Research and Development, Exploration and Production, David Mendelson.

In a meeting with representatives of the French oil company, the investment portfolio in the country was analyzed and the opportunities offered by Argentina were discussed.

Then he had a meeting with the president of Shell, Gretchen Watkins, in which the president of the company in Argentina, Sean Rooney, also took part. Vice President of Finance for Exploration, Development and Shale, Katie Cottingham; and business consultant Katie Conrad.

In the afternoon, Guzmán spoke at the CERA Week ministerial session on “Energy Access, Energy Transition: Latin American Strategies,” after which he met with representatives of the US company Chevron, with whom he assessed the global energy situation in the context of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The last meeting was attended by Clay Neff, President of Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Eric Dunning, CEO Latin America and President of Argentina; Dante Ramos is director of corporate affairs for Latin America, including Argentina.

On his part, the Minister of Energy said, Dario Martinez, He took part in a meeting with Gustavo Baquero, Senior Vice President of International Business Development for Norwegian energy company Equinor.

As part of its activities, Guzmán also met with US Deputy Secretary of Energy, Andrew LightWith whom he analyzed the global energy situation and the implications of the geopolitical situation on the prospects for the gas sector.

They also discussed the Global Zero Emissions Initiative, which Argentina signed with other countries in the world a few weeks ago, seeking to walk a path in which there are more sustainable energy structures.

“Argentina has very strong opportunities to contribute to this, both from renewable energy, in which we have competitive advantages, from the point of view of providing resources in our Patagonia with wind, and in the north of Argentina we have with solar energy. And also with the production of gas, especially liquefied gas that does not Argentina produces it today, for which there are great opportunities, given the resources that the country has,” Guzmán explained in relation to the global zero emissions initiative.

In addition, the Minister stressed that “in this context of the energy crisis, global demand for LNG is expected to grow” and predicted that “it will also be a firm expectation for the future.” “In fact, in the Global Zero Emissions Initiative, demand for LNG in 2030 is expected to be greater than it is today.”

At noon, the Minister of Economy also participated in a lunch with the main speaker being the United States Secretary of Energy, Jennifer M. Granholm. Guzmán shared a table with Diego Mesa Puyo, Colombia’s Minister of Energy and Mining. Sergio Aforenti, CEO and Director of YPF; Carlos Pascual Vice President, Chief Responsible for Global Energy and International Affairs; Luis Capra, General Manager of Energy Transition, Technology and Enterprise and Executive Vice President of Repsol.

Also in the game was Gillian Ivanko, CEO and President of Chart Industries; Stephen Cobos, President and CEO, Excelerate Energy; Octavio Simos, Owner and CEO, Tellurian; Brandon Spencer, President, ABB Energy Industries; Cristina Vercheri, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of OMV Petrom; and Joe Blumert, President, ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions.

Minister Guzmán’s entourage consists of Legal and Administrative Secretary Rita Tanoz. Under Secretary for Energy Planning, Santiago López Osorneo; The Minister of Economy of Santa Cruz, Ignacio Princioli; The Minister of Energy of Neuquén, Alejandro Monteiro; International Economic and Financial Affairs Secretary, Maya Kolodenko, and BCRA’s Deputy Director General for Financial Regulation, Daniela Bossio.

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