The National Institute of Statistics orders Morena to withdraw advertising on Twitter during a prohibited period

The National Institute of Statistics orders Morena to withdraw advertising on Twitter during a prohibited period

One month after the revocation of the mandate, the National Electoral Institute (INE) ordered Morena to remove posts on Twitter where the right to health is being used as government propaganda.

The INE . Complaints and Reports Committee Responded to a complaint filed by the PRD against Morena and two of her deputies: Alberto Villa Villegas and Rossio Natalie Barrera Facebook, for the post on Twitter on March 2 and 3, where “social benefit measures have been defined, noting that they will guarantee the right to health because there will be a service comprehensive provides well-being to the people of Mexico, and that they will promote timely care in the event of a health emergency.”

For the organization, it is a government propaganda in the works of social benefit, which was published after the call for the practice of de-authorization was issued, which is a prohibited period for it.

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“The Morena Parliamentary Group has been ordered in the Chamber of Deputies, through its Coordinator, that it immediately, and within a period not exceeding three hours, take the necessary and sufficient actions, procedures and procedures to remove the reported posts from Twitter, as well as from any other electronic or print platform”, specify INE.

At the same time, the INE committee dismissed a complaint also promoted by the PRD against civil associations due to the placement of billboards with the image of President Andres Manuel López Obrador, in which they were called to vote on April 10, as well as the improper use of public resources and personal promotion in favor of the President .

“There are no elements that can serve as a basis for assessing that Que Sigue la Democracia AC is violating the rules for publishing the revocation of the mandate and infringing on the exclusive competence of the National Electoral Institute to promote the above practice,” the agency said.

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