Biden prevents Trump from receiving intelligence reports


Washington- President Biden announced Friday that he would prevent his predecessor, Donald J. Trump, from receiving intelligence reports traditionally given to former presidents, saying that Trump might not be reliable for his “erratic behavior,” even before the attack. 6.

The move was the first time that a former president had not received such information, which is provided in part as courtesy and at times when the incumbent would seek advice. Currently, reports are routinely submitted to Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

When Biden spoke to Norah O’Donnell of CBS News, he told her that Trump’s behavior worried him and “that it was not just because of the mutiny” that led to the second trial to impeach Trump.

“I just think there is no need for him to receive intelligence,” Biden said.

“What’s the point of that if he has an intelligence report?” Biden added. “What effect does he have on all of this, except for the fact that he might be mindless and say something?”

The White House announced this week that it was in the process of reviewing whether the former president, whose impeachment process begins in the Senate on Tuesday, should receive the information. The head of the House Intelligence Committee, Representative Adam B. Sheff, said last month, just before Biden’s inauguration, that Trump’s access to some classified information should be removed.

The question of how Trump handled intelligence has been raised several times during his presidency. Later during his tenure, Trump snapped a photo on his phone of a secret satellite photo that showed an explosion from a missile launch in Iran. Some of the flags were withheld, but the disclosure provided the opponents with information – who would have obtained it anyway – about the capabilities of the US surveillance satellites.

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