Bolivia has high expectations for working with Cuba (+Photo)

Bolivia has high expectations for working with Cuba (+Photo)

In an interview with Prensa Latina during the National Day of the Andean and Amazonian Country celebrations at the event, the National Director of Export Promotion, Ana Lopez, commented that it is very important to be able to identify commercial intentions in these areas as well as show the potential related to lithium and Bolivian tourism.

The representative of the South American country said that the two countries are characterized by complementarity in business and they hope to “work to develop agreements with lithium and thus achieve strategic alliances and cooperation agreements in this regard.”

The celebration of this day was attended by the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade of Cuba, Ana Teresita Gonzalez, who celebrated the beginning of direct flights of the Bolivian airline (BOA) last October to the largest of the Antilles, in order to establish a regular weekly route from the province of Santa Cruz.

“We were very happy to have Bolivian businessmen interested in investing in our country come on board this flight,” Gonzalez said.

He pointed to the historical relations between the two countries, as well as the economic integration agreement that was drawn up within the framework of ExpoAladi Multisector Business Macroround since 2000, which grants 100 percent tariff preferences.

He stressed that the two countries must deepen strategies that allow increased trade exchange, and that 2023 could open new doors for joint business.

On Tuesday, the International Fair in Havana also hosts National Day for India, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Uganda, Italy and Venezuela.

In addition, there was a meeting of the 6th Investment Forum, the launch of the Construction Fair (Fecons 2024), as well as a discussion session dedicated to the Mariel Special Development Zone.

There is also a commission on Cuba’s industrial capabilities in order to develop them with foreign capital.

Vihav 2023, which will be held at the Excuba venue until November 11, is the main trade exchange in Cuba and the Caribbean and among its attractions is the promotion of exportable funds from the largest Antilles, both state-run and new economic players.


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