Boxing: Sergio Garca, or fight in the United States or to regain the European title


eCoach Sergio GarcaAnd Victor IglesiasWith his student, he prepares for 2022 with optimism. He told us about his projects.

Although they are quiet in the team Remember the missed opportunity?: “I think we did well against Fundora. The main problem we had was that he was very tall and that surprised us more than we thought.”

They are excited that they can connect with them. “I think they were satisfied with our performance and They will invite us to fight in the United States. Let’s see what they offer us.”

They regret defeat for many reasons. “Mathematically speaking, there is an economic slowdown. Sebastian Fundora vs Ericsson Lubin, in a tie after the world title, Half a million dollar charge (440,000 euros); What a bag we could have made.”

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They are quietly waiting for these holidays in case the long-awaited call arrives from the United States. “Although if they do not contact us, the world will not end. Then we will go to get back the European Superstar against the competitor that is.”

Remember that the current European champion is Karman to GarrajaAnd they do not rule out fighting if it obstructs the way. Good luck to Sergio Garca and his team.

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