Brazil. Four high-ranking economic officials in Brazil resign after announcing a project that breaks the “spending ceiling”


MADRID, October 22 (European press) –

Four ministers from Brazil’s Economy Ministry resigned Thursday, citing personal reasons but in a context marked by the government’s announcement of a social assistance project that would break the “spending ceiling”.

Thus, Bruno Funchal left the Ministry of Finance and Budget; Gilderina Dantas did the same undersecretary for this region; Jefferson Bettencourt resigned from the National Treasury. And Rafael Araujo, as Under Secretary of the National Treasury, collects the G1.

These four officials led the finance department of the Economy Ministry in President Jair Bolsonaro’s government, and were directly linked to public spending and the new proposal launched by the executive branch.

Thus, these resignations occur in a context marked by the government’s maneuvering to break the ‘spending cap’ in 2022 due to a new social assistance program estimated at R$40,000 million – more than €6000 million -.

At the moment, the names that will replace the secretaries and undersecretaries have not been confirmed, rather it is reported that Funchal and Bettencourt will continue in their positions until the transition with the new officials is complete.

Besides them, the Minister of Oil and Gas, Jose Mauro Coelho, under the Ministry of Mines and Energy, resigned on Thursday.

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