Brazil government begins democratic transition despite Bolsonaro’s silence

Brazil government begins democratic transition despite Bolsonaro’s silence

Rio de Janeiro – Minister of the Presidency of the Republic BrazilCiro Nogueira, contact campaign spokespeople Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva To announce his readiness to start the transition process between the two governments despite the silence that the far-right leader still maintains about his rival’s victory.

Nogueira’s initiative was announced by the PT’s campaign communications coordinator, Edinho Silva, in a statement released 24 hours after the progressive leader was declared the winner of Sunday’s presidential election in Brazil.

“I maintained contact on Monday afternoon with the Minister of the Presidency, Ciro Nogueira, at his request, and immediately proceeded to lead the transition process representing the current Bolsonaro government,” said Silva, Mayor of Araraquara. Lola collaborator, in a statement.

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Silva added that he immediately reported his conversation with Nogueira to Labor MP Gliese Hoffman, “so that the necessary contacts can be agreed upon” to start the process.

The partner in the president-elect’s religion stressed in his statement the “republican and democratic position of the minister.”

Brazilian law provides for the transition of government and stipulates that the current president and the elected president appoint task forces within 48 hours to coordinate the process and ensure the transfer of data and information.

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Despite Bolsonaro’s silence, the republic’s vice president, Reserve General Hamilton Mourao, also took a step toward Facilitate the transition.

According to spokesmen for the Labor campaign, Mourao called the vice president-elect, Geraldo Alcmin, to make himself available for joint action and even offer to visit Gaboro Palace, the seat of the vice presidents.

Lula won Sunday’s election with 50.9% of the vote, compared to Bolsonaro’s 49.1%, and 24 hours after the final result was known, the incumbent president, who hopes to be re-elected, has yet to rule on the election result. .

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your silence Keeps the country and the world in suspenseDuring the election campaign, the far-right leader threatened to accept the result of the ballot only if he considered the election to be transparent.

According to press reports, Bolsonaro told his ministers that he will not oppose the change of government, but will rule in the next few hours on some of the objections he has against the electoral process and electoral authorities.

Amidst doubts about the transition, hundreds of Bolsonaro truck drivers began blocking various roads in the country in protest of the progressive leader’s victory in the presidential election, which they see as a product of fraud.

According to the latest data from the Federal Highway Police, there have been about 250 national and regional highway closures in 20 of the 27 states in the South American giant.

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