British “dominant” and new Ugandan

British “dominant” and new Ugandan

World Health Organization (Who is theSpain warned: We are in grave danger Disease outbreaks. For this reason, the agency urges our country to preserve Restrictions on Easter Because it is afraid of expanding the variables, especially the British. They pointed out that “controlling these variables can be a challenge, so all possible efforts must continue, especially in the face of the upcoming Easter holiday.”

This message arrives on the same day that it is confirmed we have it already Variant from Uganda. This case happened in Andalusia, but so far it was the alternative It was discovered only in the African country itself And some isolated cases in the United Kingdom.

The new alternative It has a higher transmission capacity But the real concern today is the British alternative. In the data on the variants, updated today by the Ministry of Health, you can see how the British variant has grown in our country.

On Asturias, For example, already It accounts for 97% of cases, Grew 33% in 14 days. But it has also grown in Catalonia s CantabriaWhere they are already Over 80%.

In addition, the ministry document revealed and highlights other cases of variants in Spain 66 cases from South Africa, The 25 of California Of the 20 cases in Manaus, there is one possible case of re-infection. 14 cases have also been reported for the Rio de Janeiro variant, one from Nigeria, and one case from the Portuguese.

The wave is picking up in Europe

Outside of the situation within our borders, many countries in Europe have seen an increase in the transmission of the coronavirus for three consecutive weeks. This was explained by the Regional Director for Europe of the World Health Organization (WHO), Hans Kluge: “It is in central Europe, the Balkans and the Baltic countries where there are cases, Hospitalization and mortality now have the highest rates in the world“.

Added to this panorama, in addition to, Worried about the British alternative. At this time, 48 out of 53 European countries or regions have reported a worrying increase in the British variant, which is already prevalent in the European WHO region.

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