BUAP, a key during a pandemic: Alfonso Esparza


The medical school from the Autonomous University of Puebla (UAP) maintaining a prominent role during the pandemic and currently leading a project to support people affected by the COVID-19 virus, the university president explained, Alfonso Esparza Ortiz.

During the inauguration Luis Guillermo Vazquez as manager of medical school From the highest university in the state for this period 2021-2025Esparza Ortiz highlighted that alumni of the Academic Unit are working around the world to face current adversities.

He pointed out that medicine has become relevant to the current moment in which we live, because it highlights the essential role of science to ensure a viable future for human beings.

He explained that the College of Medicine trains professionals of great stature who now represent the institution worldwide, senior scientists who work in international laboratories, specialists who develop lines of research and scientists who work for the creation and innovation of new technologies.

At the same time, Esparza Ortiz congratulated Indiana Torres, who was responsible for running the medical school on a temporary basis and, at the same time, wished successful management to the new director Guillermo Vázquez.

“I congratulate Indiana Torres on the wonderful work you have done and wish a successful administration to Luis Guillermo Vázquez, who will resolutely face the academic challenges of college,” said Esparza Ortiz.

At the same time, Esparza Ortiz called for the development of skills, resilience and achievement of goals, because it is necessary to rethink new forms of teaching in a scenario like the current one, which includes continuous training, use of techniques and strengthening of skills..

With the protest of the new director of the College of Medicine, the beginnings of administration in the six academic units that held elections last Friday, 21 of this year, were concluded.

At Emiliano Zapata High School, Ricardo Valderrama Valdez, was elected to a second four-year term; and in College of Communication SciencesAnd the Angelica Menedita RamirezHe won the support of his community to run for a second term.

In the same way, in Institute of Physics, Felipe Pérez RodriguezHe is a third-level researcher with the National Council on Science and Technology (CONASET), who started his term after winning and overtaking the majority of votes. Maria Eugenia Mendoza Alvarez, who was seeking re-election for a second term.

in the academic unit Plastic and Audiovisual Arts (ARPA), Victor Alejandro Ruiz Ramirez He started his management and will occupy the position of Director for the period 2021-2025 by passing the candidate Maria Elena Mendes Guzman.

Meanwhile, in Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities “Alfonso Vélez Pliego” (ICSyH)where the researcher, Francisco Velez Bligo, and concluded his second term as director, which lasted for four years. Giuseppe Le Proto He has already assumed the position of successor.


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