Burger King mocks King Carlos III

Burger King mocks King Carlos III
  • Burger King’s brand value in 2022 rose to more than $7 billion, according to Statista data.

  • As of June 2022, the fast food chain has branches in 29 countries in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Burger King recently broke sales records Whopper in the United States thanks to his campaign “you are the judge Oh its sticky Tonewhopper, whopper”.

King Carlos III and his wife Camilla were crowned over the weekend, both of whom were crowned in Westminster Abbey in a huge ceremony, a fact that benefited the Burger King brand. By mocking the age of the new king of England and the strange event.

campaign throughout France, Burger King pointed out the extravagance of King Carlos III’s coronationwhich did not get evaluation is expected. The BBC reported that an average of 13.4 million viewers watched the coronation of this television channels, compared to more than 26 million viewers who watched the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Parisian agency Buzzman was entrusted with the implementation of the outdoor advertising campaign and splatter for TV, where Nuggets Chicken, burgers and fries mocking King Carlos III’s coronation. In reality, the Nuggets Chicken couldn’t help but make fun of her age. While culminating in this Burger King campaign is the message: “Our French ingredients welcome another king.”

the splatter From this campaign during the broadcast of the coronation ceremony on the French channel TF1. while you are in the UK, mark erase word “Burger “ of your logoHe even shared it on his social networks.

Restaurant Brands International, the owner of Burger King, reported that in the last quarter of the year, sales of this fast food chain in the United States increased by 5%. On the other hand, data from Statista shows that As of June 2022, the fast food chain has branches in 29 countries in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.; 27 in EMEA; and 17 in the Asia Pacific region.

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