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Because of the pandemic, the Mexican health system is doing everything it can to serve a large number of people, relying on university interns and interns doing their social service in medicine, nursing, dentistry, medical care and health regulation.

Senator Lilia Margarita Valdez Martinez, of Morena, emphasized that the help of the trainees was essential to be able to float and provide better care to the injured, as well as to anyone who needed it.

Therefore, he urged the Ministry of Health, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, to increase the volume of scholarships granted to university trainees and trainees who perform their social service in the fields of medicine, research, nursing, dentistry and medicine. Health care and organization.

The legislator highlighted the importance of the performance of these young people “who make an important contribution to the health system every day, and risk their lives just to achieve their fantasies, dreams and goals.”

Valdez Martinez considered that those who provide their services in hospitals and health centers should have better supportive support. In this sense, it is suggested that trainees be considered so that they can receive rewards and benefits in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Mexico’s new phase should be an opportunity to create more just and equitable conditions that will lead us to a more fraternal and humane country.

The legislator pointed out that unfortunately, there were cases of students who lost their lives or were violated in one way or another while providing their social services.

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