Casado calls Sanchez’s US tour ’embarrassing’


People’s Party President, Pablo Casado, during the 16th Congress of the People’s Party of the Balearic Islands, on July 24, 2021, in Palma, Mallorca, Balearic Islands (Spain). Several members of the People’s Party National Command wear the new head of the People’s Party in Baleare on Saturday – Isaac Bog – Europe Press

Palma, 24 July. (European Press) –

The president of the People’s Party, Pablo Casado, described Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s US tour as “embarrassing”, as it had “an agenda that does not even reach the Secretary of State”.

“Although tourism in Spain is going very badly, Pedro Sánchez has made tourism this week in the United States,” quipped the People’s Party Chairman at the conclusion of the 16th Independent PP Congress of the Balearic Islands.

The People’s Party leader emphasized that “if Sanchez is with Castro and Maduro, Biden should not be expected to devote more than 29 seconds to him in a corridor.”

He also blamed the prime minister for “defending the Spanish language in California or the Dakota” and not doing so in Mallorca, Tarragona or Vizcaya.

Casado also mocked Sanchez’s comparison with Superman: “He reaches the top in 20 seconds, spends all day flying, and when he speaks, he appears to be from another planet.”

Similarly, he criticized that Sanchez “is describing in Spain vulture funds the same investors he met during his tour”. He was upset that Sanchez was not accompanied by Spanish businessmen on his visit.

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