Casen Recordati is betting on solar energy at its facilities in Zaragoza

Casen Recordati is betting on solar energy at its facilities in Zaragoza

Casen Recordati, the Spanish subsidiary of the pharmaceutical group Recordati, has completed the installation of a photovoltaic solar panel system on the roof of its operations center in Utebo (Zaragoza), capable of generating 185 kWh of electricity for self-consumption, and assuming an investment of €125,000.

A new advance for the company As part of its commitment to using renewable energy sources, which are added to other projectssuch as the plan to convert lighting to LED technology, with the replacement of nearly 1,000 lighting points in the Strategic Operations Center, which was completed in the early months of 2022.

Both shows It will allow to reduce emissions into the atmosphere by about 200 tons of carbon dioxide per yearwhich is equivalent to emissions from more than 650 flights from Madrid to London.

Recordati . Environmental Commitment
With the completion of the solar PV system installation project, The Utebo Operations Center is positioned as the first of the Recordati Group’s eight production plants worldwide to have a facility of this type.

teacher inside The company’s sustainability plan, which aims to improve people’s health by caring for and protecting the planet. In environmental matters, it is considering other measures, at the global level, such as operating its operations centers in Europe using 100% renewable energy, installing specific energy consumption monitoring systems, installing solar thermal systems, participating in afforestation projects, or the gradual introduction of eco-vehicles in company fleet.

This new advancement underscores the commitment of the group and Casen Recordati at its Utebo center of operations.

Currently Utebo facilities have a human team of more than 105 people, with an area of ​​23,165 sq. Help.

In operation for more than 30 years, in 2022 it will manufacture more than 23 million units for sale, which represents more than 70 million containers, and export 75% of what is produced to 55 countries around the world.

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