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US intelligence on Friday expressed concern about China’s development of artificial intelligence, and other technologies that could put Beijing ahead of Washington in the military and other areas.

The US Counterintelligence and Homeland Security Center (NCSC) noted in a report that China aims to take the lead in many emerging technologies by 2030.

“Beijing is focusing on technologies that will be critical to its economic and military future,” the document says, citing biotechnology, advanced computing and artificial intelligence as examples.

To this end, the NCSC – a center under the umbrella of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines – has warned that China is trying “legally, semi-legally and illegally” to obtain technology and “knowledge” (to know to do) from the United States and other countries.

According to the report, Beijing is doing this through investments in science and technology, joint ventures, academic and scientific cooperation, and talent recruitment programs, among others.

In short, the National Firearms Center described the Asian giant as “a major strategic competitor to Washington, because it” has a good global strategy for acquiring and using technology to advance its national goals.

The document also warns of Russia, which “targets American advances, and uses various legal and illegal technology transfer mechanisms to support efforts at the national level, including its military and intelligence programs.”

The National Center for Scientific Research warned that Moscow is increasingly seeking talent and turning to international scientific cooperation to boost research within its borders, such as Russia’s military applications of artificial intelligence.

For these reasons, the National Security Examination Center (NCSC) said it is prioritizing its efforts in US technology sectors where the risks are “potentially greater” to US economic and national security.

Among those sectors, he has called artificial intelligence, bioeconomy, autonomous systems, semiconductors, and quantum.

“These sectors produce technologies that can determine whether the United States will remain the world’s superpower or whether it will be overshadowed by its strategic competitors in the coming years,” he said. (I)

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