China surpasses the United States in wealth


New report from the consulting company McKinsey & Company.He says that the world’s wealth has tripled in the past two decades. however, China Exceeds United State It is now ranked number one in the world.

Wealth worldwide increased from $156 trillion in 2000 to $514 trillion in 2020, an increase of 229.48%.

China recorded an increase of about 33% to $120 trillion from $7 trillion in 2000.

In contrast, net worth United Statehampered by increases
Moderate real estate prices, rose to 90 billion dollars.

Jean Michki, partner McKinsey Global Institute employment Zurich“Now we are richer than ever,” he commented in an interview, referring to the global level.

According to the calculations by McKinsey, 68% of global net wealth is equal to
It is kept in real estate, and the rest in infrastructure, machinery, equipment and
To a much lesser degree in intangible assets, such as intellectual property and patents.

The company revealed that the sharp increase in net worth over the past two decades
exceeded growth Start the World Cup.

Asset prices are approximately 50% above their long-term average relative to income.

The increase in real estate value can make buying a home is
inaccessible to many people and will increase the risk of a financial crisis, such as
which happened in the United States in 2008.

A trillion dollars, the value of the world’s wealth in 2020


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